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Tukaram Bhagat

Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, & Trainer

Tukaram started his career as a bartender and moved on to become a Writer, a Trainer, a Consultant, a Coach and a Speaker and has experience of more than 22 years. He had helped more than 18000 students develop their career, business, and financial life. He had also served as a consultant for more than 100 companies.

His childhood was very challenging and difficult. He is born to uneducated parents who worked as farm workers. They do not have their own farm land. He has two brothers and one sister. His father's frugal income could barely buy them daily food. He and his other family members including parents had to spend their days with meal for just one time in a day. They could not afford three times meal. Because of this financial conditions, his parents could not support him further schooling after 7th class of school. But Tukaram determined to continue education at any cost.

So, he left his home when he was just 14 year's old. In his childhood he has a dream of becoming a graduate. He came to Mumbai. Started working on tea stalls serving tea in the market. He worked in Juice Centres as helper. He worked in Bakery as helper. He also washed cars and delivered Newspapers and Milk bottles in the morning just to keep living. For some period he worked as Maid Servent also. He kept on changing jobs to suit his school education. He was almost ready to do any work just to keep his education going.

He is a lifetime Associate Member of Computer Society of India.

As a freelance writer with Association of Freelance Writers, UK, He contributes to various national and international magazines, periodicals, dailies, and Youtube Channels.

During his initial years he had faced a lot of difficulties. He had to leave his school half-way and start working a child labour to support his family financially. He says during his difficult period his teachers were his guide and inspirations. His teachers helped him directly or indirectly to become what he is today. When financial problems were solved, he again started schooling and managed to complete his graduation although with a break of 14 years. During graduation he worked in a hotel as bartender, room boy, kitchen helper and room service in-charge and as a reception staff member.

He completed his graduation in BCA and and side by side he completed his HSM course from NIIT. After that he completed MBA & PGDBA, MCP, MCTS, ITIL. After completion of Honour's Diploma in Systems Management he joined as Junior Trainer at Crest Compueters where he started teaching Office Automation, Desk Top Publishing, Programming in C/C++/FoxPro. After 2 years he got an offer from Megahertz Business Systems where he started assembling computers and also worked as field engineer where he started teaching corporate clients assembling, networking, troubleshooting and programming.

He got married to Mangala in 1997 and within a year was blessed with son Abhijit. After the birth of his first child his responsbilities increased and there was a need to earn more money to maintain family and buy a house in Mumbai.

So he searched for new opportunities and acquired a position as Senior Faculty at LCC Infotech Limited. While working with LCC he upgraded his knowledge in new technologies such as Visual Studio, Java, PHP & Animation.

In the year 2000, the entire IT industry was affected due to attack on twin tower in America. This forced LCC Infotech to close it's operations in Mumbai. So again he became jobless along with other employees of the organization.

The year 2000 was very critical in his career. It was difficult to find a job in Information Technology, so he started working as a accountant with The Camouflage & Camouglage Fashions. While still working with The Camouflage he ventured into a part time training business and decided to set up his own venture - Abhijit Infotech.

The market was tough, competition was very high and survival was very difficult. In the same year he was blessed with another son, Pratim. Now there was more pressure of business, demand for more income grew, and there was increase in responsibilities. So, he decided to quit accountants job and concentrate fully on growing and, enhancing developing his business. In his pursuit of excellence and hunger for knowledge, he consulted with many top executives, attended many seminars on various personal development, business development, wealth and health related subjects. This knowledge helped him hone and test his skills and know how. He started learning and facing business problems, threats, and opportunities. His experience in business grew day by day.

In 2005, he tried his luck with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He passed CPT and was ready for become a Chartenred Accountant, but when he studied that it takes four and half years to complete Chartered Accountants course and he needs to work for a stipend of Rs.800/- which was not even sufficient to cover his travel expenses, he decided to quit for want of money and lack of free time for the completion of articleship which is the essential part of CA course.

He started reading books on personality development, business development, sales, marketing, advertising, psychology, economics, management, public speaking, leadership, technologies, science and so on.

Brian Tracy, Napolean Hill, Bill Gates, Jack Maa, Warren Buffet, Dale Carnegy, James Altucher, Gary Vaynerchuk, Paul Arden, Robert Kiyoski, Paul McKenna, Sandeep Gupta, Rahgee Horner, Robert Ringer, Mary Lore, Paul Cohelo, Tim Ferris, Ian Whiteling, Jason Fried, John Farndon, Chetan Bhagat, Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Dr. Abdul Kalam, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev, Stev Jobs, Dr. M. Scott Peck, Nick Nanton and many other authors became his guide and showed him the right path on his journey to wealth, health and growth in life. All these authors became his role models. The books written by these authors showed him the right path and helped him set his goals, motiavated him, and kept him encouraged, motivated and going.

In 2009, he decided to resume studies and complete the graduation which he had to leave half way due to financial crisis. So, he registered for BCA course and completed the same in year 2012. During this same period, he received an offer from kaRROX Technologies Ltd to provide training to navy officer and sailors at INS Hamla where he trained hundreds of navy staff over a period of three years. He also learned various military disciplines during this training assignments. He completed Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist course in Web Development, Microsoft Communication Foundation and ITIL. kaRROX offered him role as Technical Executive and asked him to work on payroll instead of working as freelancer. After much thought he decided to join kaRROX Technologies on payroll but kept his business running side by side. Today kaRROX Technologies Ltd is known as TALENTEDGE & Arrina Computer Education.

Since his childhood he always wished to work abroad in foreign countries so he started applying for jobs in foreign companies. While doing so he came across a advertisement for IT Trainer job in Dubai and sent his detailed CV to this centre but that CV went to it's head office in Mumbai and he landed up with offer as Content Writer from Aptech Limited which is one of the top most IT Training institution in India and 40+ countries having hundreds of own and franchisee centres. Aptech is having other brands als called MAAC, ASSET, Aptech Aviation, Aptech Computer Education.

While in Aptech, he got a chance to write contents for various courses conducted by Aptech throuhout the world. Here he wrote books and Linux, Windows Store Apps, C#, Asp.Net, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Android and many other technologies. He also trained and supported faculties across India.

In 2016, his life had a different turn. He received an offer from Aptech to work on an international project which is a collaboration project between Government of India and Government of Commonwealth of Dominica, Government of Panama & Government of Costa Rica. It is a IT Project to be executed in Panama, Costa Rica & Commonwealth of Dominica. He accepted the offer to work as IT Trainer and was deputed for a period of 2 years and thus landed up on Carribean Island - called Dominica (The Wait Kabuli), a country with its spectacular natural beauty. He started working with DSC (Dominica State College) at Roseau, as IT Trainer & Specialist in Center of Excellence in Information Technology along with one Centre Head and one more IT Trainer. While in Dominica he started teaching various latest technologies to trainers and students equally. More than 1000 trainers and students were trained during a period of one and half years. The fate had something else for him and the entire Dominica was severely devasted by hurricane Maria that washed out everything that the country had. He survived and escaped dealth along with 30 other Indians on the island. Emergency evacuation foreced him to return to India.

Later, after six month he got another chance to go to Costa Rica to work as Center Head on similar project. He went to Costa Rica and started working with Universidad Tecnica Nacional, Centro de Excelencia en Tecnologias de Informacion. A colloboration project between Government of India and Government of Costa Rica. Here over 1700 trainers and students were trained during a period of two years.

During this period he decided to put his knowledge, expertise and skills in the form of a book and he started writing various books. He also decided to record Audios and Videos so that his clients can watch and listen at their own time.

The idea of these books, seminars and the development programs generated in his mind while working in the Centre of Excellence and his experience, studies, readings, skills helped him to put his ideas into practice. He had taught more than 15000 students in his entire career. He wants to grow his reach to masses. The demand for such programs is very high in India. Indian people needs such motivational programs so that it helps them to develop economically.

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